Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sock Summit Report

What an amazing and wonderful weekend! The amount of work that goes into something that runs this smoothly has got to boggle the mind. People everywhere were in happy overload. Happy to see old friends, happy to make new friends, happy to see incredible yarns, incredible knits, happy to learn more things than we all thought possible, happy to see so many of our own personal knit idols, all in one place!

I took a fabulous class called "Cast On Cornucopia" with JC Briar, who does an excellent job of pushing an amazing amount of information into an all-too-short 3 hours. We got to practice a slew of different techniques, and learn where they might best be employed. JC has a great method for showing a whole room how to do stitches - she has an enormous length of knitted I-cord in 2 colors to use as her "yarn", and huge needles, so everyone can see it - and performs the stitches up over her head, standing with her back to the room, so that we get to see it as we would see it, not trying to translate it backwards. Excellent! I highly recommend taking classes from her, she's outstanding.

Karen and Wanda got to participate in the attempt to set a world record - most knitters knitting at one time. Here's Wanda:And here's a crowd shot (somebody said there were 935 people??)

And Karen got to meet Stephanie, AKA the Yarn Harlot, which made her day!

It was a really great event, we all had more fun than can be recounted, and will have many wonderful memories! Here's hoping we all get to do it again soon!


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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

So fun to read other people's memories; each are different but equally wonderful.