Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goal settings & resolutions

I haven't set any resolutions in a few years, although I always like the idea of them.  So I decided maybe I'd try setting some monthly goals for my fiber stuff - knitting, spinning, weaving, whatever else might wander in.  Usually my resolutions would run along the lines of "spin more" - more than what?  When I participated in the Tour de Fleece my goal was "spin as much as I can"....  really - so any amount could in theory be "as much as I can", since if I spun it, I could and if I didn't spin it, evidently I couldn't.  Too wishy washy. 

So, my January goal is to finish weaving the scarf that's been on there for entirely too long.  I've debated cutting it off, I've let it sit for months on end, we moved the loom into the living room so I'd have no excuse, but still, there it sits.  Lately I have spent more time on it - after spending a frustrating 20 minutes searching high and low for the weft material when I needed to fill a bobbin.  Oh great, finally decide to do it and now the weft is gone.  Naturally.  It turned up, right where I left it - in the side storage of the loom bench.  Sheesh. 

For Christmas I got an iPod - my very 1st mp3 player!  I know, I'm rather late to the party.  I've loaded it up with probably more podcasts than I can possibly listen to, and have been happily weaving and spinning along to the voices in my head.  It helps keep me in place instead of weaving one little repeat and deciding I should be doing something else - I'll weave for the duration of the podcast instead!  yay! 

What helps keep you focused on working on a project when the 1st blush of starting a project has worn off?

Oh, other goals - finish knitting that pretty Fresco cowl I started a few entries ago, and finish spinning up some raspberry colored roving I started who knows when and then abandoned in favor of another fiber (I have a number of those - I'm a little scattered for spinning pounds of the same stuff). 

I've only got another week to go on this, so I'm gonna need some luck - and days off in the middle of the week!  My only reliable day off is Sunday, and sometimes I take a day off mid-week, which is wonderful. 

What are your goals for January?