Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Colors

New yarns for fall are starting to roll in, and they're getting all the glory via the email announcements. We're also getting new colors of existing yarns, which is just as fun. The temptations just never stop around here.

Here are some new colors of Crystal Palace Panda Soy:

I don't know what I did to the lighting for that poor picture, sorry about that! The colors are 2223 Aqua Lullaby, 2225 Bluebell, 2226 Happy Baby, 2222 Lilac Lullaby, and 2224 Pink Cameo.

We've also added 6 more colors of Fibra Natura's Yummy sock yarn (where "yummy" is both a proper name AND an adjective!)Above are Yummy 92 Tequila Sunrise, 94 Grilled Chilies, and 61 Grapesicle. I love how colors are named, don't you?

And these three are Yummy 91 Raspberry Mocha, 87 Mint Julep, and 93 Madorie Margarita. There's a nice variety here, from the manly Raspberry Mocha and Grilled Chilies, to the wilder Tequila Sunrise. Too much fun!!

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