Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Ready for OFFF

Like lots of folks, we're getting ready to go to the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival (OFFF) this week.... deciding what to take, should we do something different, or mostly the same, should we change our layout of our booth of stay mostly the same.... Every year, at every fiber fest we think of all these great improvements and things to do, and sometimes we even write them down. Then, just before the next fest we try to think up what all those great improvements were. It's a tradition. If we wrote them down, we can't find them later anyway. So we get to do it again! THIS time we're really going to write it down and act on those fabulous ideas!

This time we get to see Karen! Karen who worked here for several years and made everybody just a little bit happier all the time with her happy chipper positive attitude. Karen and her hubby moved away (DARN this economy and what it's done to the school budgets and everything else), but she promised to come help out at the fests anyway, so we get to see her this weekend!

Please come see us, and make us write down all the great ideas! We'll be on the porch, as usual.

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Michelle said...

See you there! (But I'm on a fiber diet, so don't let me buy anything!!!)