Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Assembly Required

I've been making slow progress on my Monday Night Knit Night project... This sock first made its debut on the cover of our spring knit catalog. Last year... Now it's a completed sock! ONE completed sock. I started the 2nd one last night. I took time out in the past year to try my hand at some stranded Selbuvotter mittens, which also aren't finished. Gads, somebody's going to take away my License to Knit if I don't get something finished pretty soon!
Sock yarn used: Alpaca Sox from Classic Elite
Pattern: Hellen's Favorite Socks from Fiber Trends

I love this yarn, it's lovely soft, and with alpaca in it, it's going to be nice and warm & toasty. I only knit on it at Monday night knit night, so a max of 1-2 hours per week, and I don't make it every week, plus the mitten hiatus in there explains why the progress is so slow. At least, that's my excuse anyway!

Hope your knitting is speeding along!


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