Monday, April 20, 2009

Lendrum Saxony wheels

We recently got a shipment of Lendrum Saxony wheels in, and they are so beautiful! I wish we could have put them all together and had a photograph of the whole herd, but no such luck. We did get to finish one walnut wheel, and it turned out gorgeous. My photos don't do it justice. We use a couple of coats of tung oil to finish wheels. It allows the gorgeous wood to be the star, as it should be.

The boxes for shipping that Mr. Lendrum designed are a pretty amazing feat of engineering in their own right. There was obviously a great deal of thought put into these, as well as the boxes that the regular folding Lendrum wheels come in. To be able to fit so much wheel into such a small amount of space takes a lot of skill! We photograph the packing when we need to finish a wheel for a customer and put it BACK into the box, because it's like a big puzzle. All these pieces couldn't possibly fit in here! And yet...

The wheel itself is in the next layer below this... A marvel of engineering! This is a maple wheel in the box.

Happy new Saxony owners!

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