Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finished socks!

Okay, imagine if you will that the picture shows a finished pair of socks, artfully posed. Because they ARE finished. Right now they're posing in my bathroom waiting to be washed, having been worn... did I get a picture of them on the feet, proof that they were done? Uh uh. Nope...

They are superwash merino/tencel yarn that I dyed using Procion dyes. I THINK I steamed the bundle of painted yarn after I dyed it, but to be honest I've forgotten. I think I did though because when I tested out all sorts of methods of dyeing the merino/bamboo yarn I found that while all the methods work just fine, the fiber reactive worked better with some heat than as a cold dye. And these colors are nothing if not vivid! Too bad my one and only photo doesn't show that as vividly, but there you have it. Oh wait, I thought I talked about this sock before (besides on Ravelry, that is) - I did way back when. The colors show up better there maybe. Anyway, the yarn worked great, took the dye beautifully, and felt good on my feeties.

And I'm making progress on the other sock shown in that same post! I've turned the heel and am moving along on the gusset decreases. Soon I'll be to that Peter-Pan moment in sock knitting - "Straight on 'til Toe!" Probably my favorite part. Well, besides casting on, which is really the most fun, all that anticipation...

Karen and I were talking at knit night last week that we have a different sort of Second Sock Syndrome. Once we start on the 2nd sock, there's no stopping. We want to have that Pair of Socks! No other project gets worked on. While it's in the 1st sock stage we cast on other socks, we cast on other hats/wash clothes, etc. We work on this and that, and mosey along at something maybe slightly above a snail's pace... but once that 2nd sock is underway it's Katie bar the door! I have 3 different socks on the needles as 1st socks.... plus that green sweater that never makes any progress... But 2 of the socks are at or near the Straight on 'til Toe portion, so there may be more finished socks coming in the near-ish future. One of them only gets worked on at Monday Night Knitting.

I need more hours in the day. Don't you?

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