Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ancient History

I talked about this sweater a few months ago (and said "ask me again in two months". Ahem. No progress.) I started this sweater in 1994, and I'm up to the sleeves! It'll be a nice sweater someday. But heck, it's not like I can wear it this summer, so finishing it up over the summer should be perfect, right? The yarn is Heilo from Dale of Norway.

I like doing both sleeves at the same time. Makes the going slower, sort of - but when you're done, you've got both sleeves and they MATCH without having to make notes and measure a bazillion times. Just like the attraction of doing 2 socks at the same time. Not that I've tried that yet, but I like the idea.

I definitely have a ways to go on the sleeves, plus they're - what's it called? saddle shoulders? where they come up the arm and across the shoulders and end at the neckline. I like the cables and stuff. Must work on this sweater....

Meanwhile there's a few more socks that have been started because, well, I could. The first one is Lacewing from Fly Designs in color Desiderata. It's a dream to work with! I also have some in Halogen, with thoughts of combining the leftovers from both colors in a scarf... It may be a while, having not cast on the Halogen socks yet!

And then these ones below are in the merino/tencel blend that I dyed - boy howdy did it take the dye nicely, or what? I started out doing a pattern from Favourite Socks, but the colors were competing too much so I switched to regular old Helen's Favorite Sock from Fiber Trends. This would have been a really handy one to do both socks at once, since now I have to remember just where I left off from one pattern and switched to the other! Ah well.

What are you knitting these days?


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

A gift-knit baby surprise jacket, which is more than halfway done. Next I'm going to make two half-size sari silk Himalayan totes for a friend's teenage daughters, who happen to be Indian (adopted from Fiji). I also need to find a good pattern to knit my boy a cardigan; he's about outgrown his modified BSJ and wants another sweater. Figured I'd better oblige that request before he outgrows the desire to wear what Mom knits!

Norris & Cheryl said...

Well Diane, pretty as the sweater color is, and as neat a texture as you're getting from the cables, well - they just can't compete with the KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF colors and textures in the other pictures!

What am I working on? What year did we take Nura to Illinois?

KC said...

Love the lacewing socks. I am going to try to find the pattern, unless you have a link for it? Great dye job on the other as well! Kathy aka knittin'cacher.

Woodland Woolworks said...

Hi KC - the pattern for the Lacewing socks comes from the book Sensational Knitted Socks -
called Oblique Openwork. I like it a lot!

KC said...

Thank you sooo much. I have that book at home. I just love the pattern and will cast on asap! Yee Haw!