Saturday, May 10, 2008

Also considered

I thought I'd show some of the other pictures we took in our search for a likely front-page-of-the-website picture... We all brought in some handknit socks and tried to think of ways to show them off to best advantage.

First, posing with the sheep. (does he look like a sheep?)

Then a chorus line:

Then another view:

Or maybe without feet in them...

Or maybe a closeup??

Alright. We need some nature in here. Where are some flowers?

Wowee, those are bright! What about socks in trees?? A nice touch of silliness, maybe.

And then we got the one we thought was just the ticket!

So there you go, Diary of a Homepage Picture.

Happy weekend! Happy Mother's Day! Give your mom a hug, I wish mine were here so I could, I miss her each and every day. I love you mom!



Norris & Cheryl said...

The last picture took a while to come up and I looked at the rest - until it finally appeared, I was voting for the Chorus Line. It's humorous and colorful - but you chose well! cheryl

Anonymous said...

lovely cover! I kinda liked the "Sox in Trees" too, tho... very Mother's Day all. best wishes,
Hugs & Stitches