Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We dream in numbers...

Inventory is OVER, hallelujah! Everybody's head is spinning and chock full of numbers. Gah. We're such a great team - every year we come up with terrific process improvements that will make it go smoother next time.

Some of the good things about inventory is the chance it gives us to move things around where they belong, and find things in odd and strange places (no wonder we couldn't find that, huh...). It's a monumental task and I have so much appreciation for the extra effort that everybody puts in, and patience that everyone has with each other, with us for being out of communication, and just for the entire process. THANK YOU!

I pulled a fast one on our team. Here I am appreciating and thanking my fabulous employees and then I turn on them! I made them get their picture taken as a group for the catalogs. You never heard so much whining. Okay, okay, it IS inventory and we'd all been working since 7 am and were not exactly dressed to the nines.... So - let it be known by one and all that when you look at that picture in the back of the catalog that we're all FAR more glamourous in real life. :)


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