Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The best laid plans of socks and sales

If you got the email about the sock yarn sale, and wonder why the heck we didn't get the prices updated on the website, it's because the power went out! Much of, if not all of Carlton was without power yesterday afternoon, just as Tim, our Wonder Web Guy, was putting the finishing touches on the sock yarn page and getting ready to upload it. POW, surge surge surge, lights go out.... (Expletives deleted). The email was already in the hands of the folks that send it out for us (Benchmark Email), and we couldn't update the website! And the power company said it would be about 7 pm before it was back up, so we all went home and hoped you would all be understanding and forgive us for not showing sale prices. Sigh... It's updated now! and the Maizy and Soxx Appeal is up too, yum! Cathy is knitting up some Maizy and says it feels like chenille, though it's not at all fuzzy, it just somehow feels plush like chenille. Interesting!

Anyway, enjoy the 20% off all sock yarns through the end of day on Thursday! wheeeee!

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