Tuesday, May 17, 2011

45% off & Website Woes

We've increased the discount to 45% off everything in stock, and I sent out an email to announce that, and the response has overwhelmed our server again (and again and again).  I'm VERY sorry about that...  as you might imagine, I'm not keen on spending more money for more space at this time (especially since the next level is a big $jump$, I'm just trying to make it through...)    I split the email list into 3 separate mailings, hoping that would help and maybe it did - but not enough, clearly.  I can't apologize enough... 

In case you were wondering and can't make it on the site - there are no more spinning wheels.  There are no floor looms, table looms, or rigid heddle looms.  There is not much fiber.  There is a LOT of knitting yarn, a fair amount of weaving yarn, a LOT of patterns, a lot of books, needles & other gadgets. 

If you're local, we are still open our regular hours of Mon-Sat 8:30 - 4pm, and that's when we answer the phone too, if you'd rather call to place an order or check on availability. 

Thanks for your patience!  (anybody else getting tired of hearing that?  yeah, I thought so...  I'd like it to just WORK too...)

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