Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finishing things

An eon ago, I started a quick little cowl out of Classic Elite's Fresco, using a pattern they sent in their e-newsletter.  I got pretty far along on it, and then for who-knows-what-reason, or no reason at all, it was set aside and languished.  I even had a hard time finding it when I decided to work on it again.  Entirely too many projects sitting around all over the place.  Do you ever have that problem? 

Well, I finally found it and sat down and finished it.  There were something like 3 rows left to do.  THREE ROWS.  This is ridiculous.  But there you have it.  I absolutely adore this yarn.  There's a smidge of angora (the bunny) in it that gives it just a little bit of halo and soft soft soft.  PERFECT for a cowl.  I'd love it as a pair of fingerless mitts too.  Oh, hey, a sweater would be terrific too.  Yum.  You can't go wrong with this yarn. 

Looking a little pale, is my styrofoam head.  But that's life in winter in Oregon. I could have made this longer, but I think I was afraid I'd put it down for another year.  I'll probably just wear it around my neck, instead of over my head - long hair does weird things with cowls (and hoodies). 
And for a closer-up (not close up, but closer):


Cheryl said...

pretty color, pretty lace - so it was about time you finished those three rows!

Michelle said...

I am apparently a rare breed - a monogamous knitter - so no UFOs around here. Very pretty cowl that should be wonderful around your neck - if we get cold enough again around here!

Shelly said...

Very pretty and so well knit too.