Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Art Harvest Studio Tour

This coming weekend (Oct 1-3) and the following (Oct 8-10) is the Art Harvest Studio Tour. This event is a self-guided trip through Yamhill County to visit 40 different artist's studios in the area. It's a great event, especially with this warm early Fall weather taking place. You get to drive through the scenic hills of fields, wineries, and orchards on a lovely Saturday or Sunday and stop in to see fantastic local art along the way. If you add in a winery stop (or two) and a visit to a wonderful little knitting store called Woodland Woolworks- you've got a perfectly relaxing and entertaining afternoon. ; )

Although most of these artists use paint as their mediums, instead of fiber like ourselves, we feel a connection to the creative spirit and use of hands to create something stunning. This tour is especially interesting because you get to see where the actual creative process takes place, not just the artwork hung in a gallery. It's a kind of behind-the-scenes look at art being made which can be as interesting as the pieces themselves.

You can learn more about buying tickets and find a map of the locations at the Art Harvest website.

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