Friday, August 6, 2010

Interesting definitions

I found these interesting snippets when I searched for "yarn retail" on the site...  (a sort of yellow pages type place)

When shopping for knitting string, otherwise known as yarn, spend some time fingering the different weights in order to find a variety that suits your purposes. If you are planning on creating a baby item, or a piece of delicate lace, you do not want to choose a bulky yarn of heavy weight, since that will make your item too thick. Heavier yarn is a good choice, however, if you are knitting throws or cold weather item, such as hats or scarves. While you are shopping for yarn, visualize the item you will be knitting and consider how close to the skin the item will be. You do not want to choose a bulky, heavy weight if it will be in direct skin item for long periods of time, because it may turn out to be scratchy and uncomfortable. 
And this one:

Yarn is a bulky, thick string-like fabric used in knitting socks, baby sweaters, throws, slippers, shawls, lace, wraps, hats, mittens, oven mitts, scarves, skirts, tops, bags and it comes in many different colors. The string can be thick and weight heavier than other strings, sometimes has a lace texture but it can still be bulky for fingering work. Similar to crocheting, knitting is a favorite past time of many, providing a relaxing outlet. Yarn retailers sell yarn and knitting supplies to customers. Large craft or fabric stores typically have yarn or knitting sections where customers can purchase their supplies. Yarn comes in all sorts of colors, sizes, fingering weights and textures. Be on the lookout for sales and cheap discounted prices. Many stores offer weekly sales and promotions, as well as yarn or knitting clubs. Check out your local yarn retail store for more information about knitters' clubs. You can find retail yarn stores or craft stores in your local phone book or in online directories. Consider what type of yarn you need for your project, and how much of it. Keep your budget in mind before heading out to shop at the store. Many yarn retail stores and online stores sell knitting kits, which can feature anything from shawl kits and poncho kits to sweater kits and sock kits. Such kits come with all the yarn and instructions you will need to make that particular item. This is ideal for the amateur or beginner knitter. Remember that Yarn is a weighted string, so you may need to use new specialized tools that you may easily find at a local shopping center.

I wonder who writes these things?   Bulky string-like fabric?  huh...  Course, that makes me wonder how the dictionary defines yarn.  So I wandered over to and found this:

1. thread made of natural or synthetic fibers and used for knitting and weaving.
2. a continuous strand or thread made from glass, metal, plastic, etc.
3. the thread, in the form of a loosely twisted aggregate of fibers, as of hemp, of which rope is made (rope yarn).
4. a tale, esp. a long story of adventure or incredible happenings: He spun a yarn that outdid any I had ever heard.
–verb (used without object)
5. Informal . to spin a yarn; tell stories.

bef. 1000;  ME; OE gearn;  c. G Garn;  akin to ON gǫrn  gut, Gk chordḗ  intestine, chord1 ,  Lith žarnà  entrails, L hernia  a rupture, Skt hirā  vein

Urgh, had no idea about the origins.  Okay, time to back away from Google and get back to my weighted string.

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Anonymous said...

Reading definitions like that, you'd never recognize knitting even when you do it.
(I'm knitting a shawl in sport weight yarn, as an afghan.)