Friday, July 3, 2009

Slight delay on Wool Rag

We're trying out a new format - size, shape - on the Wool Rag and had it all done and ready to take to the printer... and that's when they tell us that oh, by the way, the postal service has changed the rates on the type of stuff we send out... Long story short, we're changing the size AGAIN, and switching to a different paper. It sure would have been nice to know it before we were ready to take it to the printer... Tim is going to be more than ready to see the end of this project! I think he must be really good at Tetris - getting all the funky shapes to meld together and fit on the page.

He'll have a pdf of it up on the website next week, and here's hoping there are no new bombs from the printer and it can get mailed as soon as possible!

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