Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow place like home

It snowed last night in my little corner of the world. There isn't any snow here at work in Carlton, or for most of my commute, but at home in a funny little quirk of micro-climate, I got dumped on. My little car dragged bottom down the whole hill and squirreled around a fair bit, but got me to work safe and sound.

It's pretty, isn't it? I used to really hate the snow, but I guess I'm coming to terms with it (about time). It'll probably be all gone when I go home. Course, if it doesn't melt at all, I'll be walking the last 1/2 mile 'cuz down hill is one thing, but up is way different! My vet couldn't make it up the hill this morning in 4 wheel drive (it's a steep hill and really wet snow), so I know my little car wouldn't do it either. The vet visit could wait, so it will.

Meanwhile, a here are a couple of snow cats:

Is it my imagination or has this month been the longest January on record?

Stay warm!


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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Well, it's certainly been the oddest January of the 19 we've spent here! You got a lot more snow than we did, but we've had more frequent snows than I can remember.

By the way, I got two catalogs, both to the same person and address but there are different numbers above my name. I LOVE your catalogs but don't need two; can you remove one of "me" from your mailing list?